My name is Mostafa Alyousif, born in 1990, proudly carrying the Iraqi nationality, living in Ankara for work and study purposes.

Educational Background:

I finished my high school from Mosul / Iraq, namely from Almutamayzeen High School (class of 2008) with a cumulative grade of 89%. I moved afterwards to North Cyprus and continued my university study there in Eastern Mediterranean University / Civil Engineering Department and graduated in 2012 as Department's Rank 1. I, then, moved to Ankara / Turkey to continue my postgraduate studies in Geotechnical Branch at Middle East Technical University / Civil Engineering Department.

Working Experience:

I am currently employed in ALFA | Testing Equipment as MEA Sales Manager. I started this job in August, 2012 and still continuing. I am learning a lot in ALFA and gaining very precious experience that cannot, in any how, be valued with money or position.


  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Programming

  • Fitness / Weight Lifting / Swimming

  • Guitar

  • Internet Surfing

  • Travelling


They say, there are two rules for success:

  1. Never tell everything you know

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